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Managed Hosting Provider

Better Security

When you let WellTeck Host your Server Space, you can be sure we are always running the latest version of Data Security Protection.

How does “Hosted Services” differ from “Managed Services”?

WellTeck’s Managed Services take care of all your Technology needs; our Hosted Services solution focuses on the setup and usage of your off-site Servers and Applications.

Storage, with Room to Grow!

WellTeck’s Storage and Cloud Solutions give you complete scalability, so your business can grow to any size! Contact us for details.

What does Managed Hosting do for You?

The term Managed Hosting Services isn’t widely recognizable. If you’re not familiar with Technological terms, you probably can’t figure it out. Simply put, Managed Hosting means the hosting provider will maintain all of your data storage and server-related spaces for you. This means that you can put your focus back onto the things that really matter to your business and leave all the technical work to us. The best way to think of it is as a full warranty on your car with free oil changes. Not only does the hardware come from the hosting provider, but all of the day-to-day tasks will be taken care of for you too.

WellTeck offers you Managed Hosting packages with the best hosting environment available. We’ll keep your company’s data and applications up to date and running at all times.

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the constant challenges new technology presents? One of the most common reasons behind a business or an individual seeking Managed Hosting is that they lack the knowledge and experience to run their own servers successfully. We offer a variety of hosting packages, and the benefits are extensive for whichever one you choose. You’ll be kept fully up to date, so from your end, you won’t even have to think about it. All of the servers are monitored around the clock to ensure stability and security, so you can handle your workflow without interruption. Also included is 24/7 on-call support, so if something goes wrong we will address it right away. And the best part is, whatever package you choose, it will be far more affordable than purchasing your own servers and hiring someone to install, format, and maintain them. With WellTeck you get the whole package. Plus, you’ll get over 20 years of IT Management experience. So, what are you waiting for?