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Scalable Storage Solutions

No matter what size your database is, the Cloud can store it all, and replicate a copy or two for safekeeping.

Superior Network Security

Not only does WellTeck protect your data, but our Cloud Partners give you an extra layer of Security. Safe, Secure, and easily accessible.

Protect your Data and add Scalability with WellTeck’s Business Cloud Solutions!

There are many benefits for your business when choosing a Cloud Solution and Services. Once viewed solely as a platform that allowed users to access data from remote locations, the Cloud now covers a wide range of web services. Plus, you’ll get extra Security on the Cloud. Not only does WellTeck protect your data with the latest security available, but our Cloud Partners give you an extra layer of Security as well.

Some of the key benefits to moving to the cloud are:

  • Scalability
  • Enhanced Security
  • Lower Hardware Costs
  • Greater Flexibility for Employees
  • Easier Remote Access
  • Automatic Data Back-up
  • Lower Maintenance Costs

When you’re ready to switch over, we highly recommend that you meet with us first so we can provide you with the best solution possible. By doing so, you can be confident that appropriate storage, firewalls, virus protection, and backup disaster and recovery steps are taken to protect your data.

FIVE REASONS why moving to the Cloud is the best option for your business:

Cost-Effective Solution

Today’s Cloud infrastructure and architecture offer a cost-effective solution for your business. Much of these savings are obtained by not purchasing high-tech office equipment yourself. Rather, you can “hire” Cloud Servers, thereby cutting the costs of self-hosting your IT network and infrastructure. WellTeck’s Partners offer you everything a business of any size needs:

Barracuda’s Cloud Solution offers many features, plus an Email Security Gateway that manages and filters all email traffic to protect your company from email-borne threats and data leaks.

MS Azure is a public cloud platform that is used for various services, such as networking, virtual computing, analytics, data storage, and more.

Business owners love CorKat’s Fully Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions. For those who require extra security, CorKat’s Security Umbrella makes your company fully compliant! Contact us for details.

Data Back-up Disaster and Recovery

Another key benefit of Cloud computing is data back-up and recovery, or BDR services. That means you can rest easy knowing that your data is secure and backed up if it should be lost or compromised. Don’t wait to react when you can be proactive with BDR Cloud Services.


When you choose WellTeck’s Cloud Solutions for your business computing needs, you’ll have access to company files and data from anywhere in the world. That means you can easily access information while in the field, at home, or on vacation. This feature also makes it easier for your employees to access data when they need it. WellTeck’s Cloud Solution solves accessibility issues for all employees, in the office or working remotely.

Fast Speed

WellTeck’sCloud Solution provides fast and efficient connections to your database. Compared to hardwired servers, the Cloud is the “Racecar” version of internet traffic. And speed is always a good business move. After all, time is money!

Unlimited Storage Capacity!

That is arguably the biggest (and most obvious) benefit of choosing WellTeck’s Cloud Services. Storing your files in the cloud gives your business the potential to enjoy unlimited storage and scalability – which, in turn, can allow you to grow your business more than you ever thought possible! And all this happens while you’re saving money on expensive physical storage options.

Let WellTeck show you how easily you can move into the Cloud.

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Why should you use WellTeck’s Cloud Services? By doing so, your business will be able to tap into the power available through the internet. This power is on your demand which will allow you to reap the benefits of data center consolidation and shared  resources.

Additionally, it allows for your business to access virtualized services that were previously unavailable. This means your business can now access resources shared from anywhere at any time – the cloud can handle a lot of traffic.

Technology grows at a rapid rate, so there’s no way you can keep up with it. But it is our job to keep up with Technology so we can offer you the best solution at the best price. The benefits of the Cloud are making businesses wonder how they ever survived without it. From maximizing usage to lowering costs, accessing WellTeck’s Cloud Services will only extend the horizon of your business’ potential.