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Don’t Wait for a Disaster to hit your Business. Be Proactive with a BDR plan. This year, the average cost of downtime for a business is up to $11,600 per minute. And about 60% of small businesses don’t re-open after data loss. Don’t become another statistic!

BDR’s (Backup Disaster Recovery) units automatically backup and save your company data securely, so you won’t have to worry when disaster strikes. Don’t trust that your data will always be there when you need it. There are many ways you can lose data – but only a few good ways to keep it safe. Contact us today and we’ll design a BDR solution that is right for you.

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Types of Natural Disasters

There are many types of natural disasters. All of them can affect businesses and data loss. Here are some examples of natural disasters:

  • Earthquake
  • Fire
  • Tsunami
  • Flooding or extreme precipitation
  • Hurricane, tornado, cyclone
  • Volcanoes
  • Lightning
  • Famine and drought
  • Landslide
  • Extreme temperature (heat or cold)
  • And, as we’ve seen, pandemics

Losing Your Data Can Harm Your Business

Both failure and success can be determined by how a business deals with situations out of its control. A business may fail just because it wasn’t prepared for an unexpected event. Conversely, another business might be able to survive a natural disaster because it had a plan in place for such an event. Backup Disaster Recovery plans safeguard your Data and will help ensure you stay operational after any type of disaster.

We can’t Prevent Disasters, but we can Prepare for them

While we can’t prevent any of these disasters from causing problems and data loss, there are steps we can take to reduce their impact. The safest approach is to plan for all possible scenarios. To reduce the impact of tragic events you must have a detailed process in place. A BDR automatically backs up all your data every 15 minutes. It is connected to an auxiliary power unit so it can back up even when the power goes out. There are also Cloud solutions that backup your data safely in multiple locations. If you have any questions about Backup solutions or would like to change the way you are currently saving your data, contact us any time.

Your Backup Disaster Recovery Solution is WellTeck

What happens if disaster strikes and your business loses part or all of its critical data? Outages can happen at any time. The best way to ensure an efficient and seamless reboot is to backup all data and software.

BDR Systems backup all your data every 15 minutes. Offsite data backups replicate data onto a separate servers, ensuring that all information is available in the event that the worst happens.

To be safe you must plan for the worst. WellTeck can help. Contact us today!

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