Wellteck IT can be a part of your team in 2 ways…

1. Managed IT

(Ongoing Service)

Quicker response time
Priority over Break/Fix Customers
Pro-Active Management
Patch Management
Spam Filter
Hardware Monitoring
Drive Fragmentation
Automated Disk Cleanups
Disk Backups
Team Member service style


Monthly Flat Rate Fee
(“No-surprise” style invoicing)
Support Covered under monthly fee
Quick turnaround times!

2. Break/Fix


Quick response time
Reactive Management
Team Member service style


Hourly rates for everything
Contract Basis
Support is charged per hour
Quick turnaround times!

Phone & Internet

 Wellteck is proud to offer wireless internet services to south and southeast sides of midland. Click the button below to find out if we service your area.

Other Services

+ Computer & Server management

This service provides our customers peace and the ability to be stress free from their computer and server systems in which they deserve. No longer do they need to worry how stable their system is or how protected their sensitive data is, that is our job.

+ VOIP  Phones

If you are currently on an analog phone system, this service can save you hundreds of dollars a month on your phone bill. You also get to keep your existing phone number as well. You also do not need to pay for multiple lines per month, only one, with a flat rate fee per month with no hidden costs.

+ Wireless internet provider 

Currently we are serving the east and south side of Midland with internet. We are currently in the works to supply wireless internet to meet the needs of customers on the west side and north side of Midland.

+ Specialty Computer Builds

We have the resources and knowledge to build fully specialized computers & servers for customers who need more horsepower to better utilize their applications. Our knowledge ensures our customers are getting the right product for the right application and needs.

+ Email hosting

Email is important but can be very expensive which is why we host business email for clients who want a professional email without the hassle or expense of setting up an exchange server. If an exchange server is already on site, our email hosting migrates flawlessly with existing exchange accounts. Our hosted emails are also easy to access from Gmail regardless of where you are or if your exchange server were to go down. Your emails would be safe and still accessible.

+ Offsite data backups

We house a fully secure and redundant data backup service right here in Midland Texas on our own servers.

+ Ethernet Drops

We also do Ethernet drops for new construction and existing structures. Our wiring is among the best and our quality is top notch. We believe presentation is everything and the need for tight well placed cables in an organized manner is a must.

+ Camera Systems & Access Control

Being a partner with Axis Communications we are able to offer full blown video security systems and access control. We understand the importance of security in the digital world as well as the real world. Our passion is to know our customers are satisfied and protected.

+ Enterprise Colocation Services

Currently Wellteck has invested heavily in its datacenter and is currently available for colocation, featuring climate controlled enviroment, redundant internet connections, redundant battery backups and redundant electricity. We are here to keep your business moving all hours of the day.

Contact us for more information on your needs today!

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