Managed IT Services

All your business IT support needs bundled into one simple subscription. Network issues, data storage, slow computers, disconnected printers, device deployment, cybersecurity… this list goes on. And we’re here for all of it.
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We take your business as seriously as you do. Most customer issues are resolved in less than an hour.
Having us as your dedicated IT provider means we already know your systems and can resolve issues quickly.
Every business is different. You get a Managed Services Agreement (MSA) tailored to your needs and budget.
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Let’s get down to business. Your business.

You need to rely on your business technology which means you need someone your business technology can rely on.

As your Managed Service Provider (MSP) we:
Take an active role in supporting your business technology
Troubleshoot and resolve IT issues quickly
Keep your IT equipment and practices up to modern standards
Consult and plan necessary upgrades for your growing business
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You manage your business, we’ll manage your technology

We know firsthand the demands that come with running a business. Customers need to be taken care of, employees need your leadership, and of course the to-do list that only gets longer. Let us help.

At Wellteck IT, our goal is to be more than simply a Managed Service Provider for your business. We want to be your technology partner. Instead of only reacting to problems as they arise, we take a proactive role in overseeing your business technology. This reduces the frequency of IT problems arising and keeps the gears turning smoothly.

We custom tailor your Managed Services Agreement (MSA) specifically to every business’ needs and budget. Having an MSA with Wellteck IT reduces your overall IT budget, keeps your business running smoothly, and gives you the peace of mind knowing your IT support needs are a simple phone call away.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Managed Services Agreement (or MSA) is our standard agreement to partner with your business. It protects your company in today’s technology environment and effectively makes us your IT department right down the hall. The subscription pricing model is more cost effective than traditional break/fix IT services and keeps us intimately familiar with your specific IT needs, leading to faster and more efficient IT implementations.

Break/fix is the traditional IT approach; if it’s broken…then let’s fix it. For some customers and companies, this is the approach that is taken. This approach, in our view, is backwards. Most of the time expectations are not aligned, and the break-fix IT company is not familiar enough with your technology, processes, and environment. This leaves you, the customer, feeling frustrated by the end result when more could have been done or done differently or more efficiently. It’s also backward because when you pay based on how long something takes to get fixed, there’s no incentive for the IT company to resolve issues quickly. 

So instead, we flip that around to work for everyone’s advantage with a Managed Service Agreement (MSA). You pay a set monthly fee for your IT infrastructure, and we make sure it runs reliably 100% of the time. And if it doesn’t, you don’t pay more to have it fixed. This allows you to attend to the areas of your business that need your expertise and allow you to make money.

We believe in being proactive when it comes to managing your IT infrastructure. We believe in doing anything and everything to make you successful when it comes to the technology you depend on to run your company. Recurring technology review and check-in meetings with you and your team, replacing hardware on a consistent timetable, verifying and installing software patches, and making sure everything runs fast are some of the key benefits of having Wellteck IT as your Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Yes, you can by visiting our online payment portal at the link below. Here you can pay your monthly invoices, your prepaid project invoices, and view all other financial statements.

After signing your Managed Services Agreement (MSA) with us, you receive a 60-day “no questions asked” period where you can exit the contract penalty-free.

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