IT Make-Ready Services

Prep your new office or location with the right IT infrastructure right out of the gate. From cable drops to router placement planning to conferencing equipment, we’ve got you covered.
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We visit the facility with you to visualize how the space will be used.
We account for immediate and future needs so you don’t have to do it again.
Need specific cabling run for network purposes? Video? Audio? Not a problem.
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New office, new tech

Nothing steals the excitement of a new facility like network dead zones or not enough ethernet cable drops.

We’ll help you plan the IT needs for your facility, including:
Cable runs and drops
Ethernet access
Router and access point placement
Conference room equipment
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You run your business, we’ll run the cables

Moving into a new location can be simultaneously exciting and exhausting. There are so many needs to anticipate and so many boxes to check. We take the IT planning off your shoulders so you can relish the more enjoyable decisions. Like accent wall colors.

We visit the space with you to get a solid understanding of how you plan to use the space now and in the future. We talk about your specific business and the needs you have. Then we put together a plan for everything from hidden infrastructure like cable runs and drops to the tangible pieces like conference room equipment and wifi access points.

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