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We think about your IT so you don't have to.

With 50+ years of experience across our team of IT specialists, we know a thing or two about business technology. More importantly for you, we know how to put your technology to work for you so that it works smoothly and reliably. Every time.

There's nothing more frustrating than technology failing when you need it most. And let's be honest... there's never a good time for things to break. Computers don't start. Printers disconnect for no reason. Poor internet speeds at the office. The list goes on...

Proactive + Reactive = Always Active

A significant portion of keeping your business technology running smoothly is advance planning. Trouble is, you have plenty of things that need your attention besides which server solutions need updating or when your various endpoints become obsolete. We're experts in keeping our eyes on the horizon and establishing a plan for keeping the wheels greased. Whether it's planning for outdated device replacement, knowing which system updates to install and which to delay, or constantly scouting for IT solutions that benefit your business, we want to be your technology partner.

As with all technology, the one thing you can expect is that some things won't go as expected. Employee accidentally deleted critical business data? We can help you recover it. Computer won't start or is booting up slowly? We've been there. New software or system update causing problems with your business applications? We can sort it out.

We resolve most IT issues in less than an hour.

Why are we so confident? Because we view every client as a partner. That means your business is as important to us as it is to you. As part of our managed IT services, we get to know the intricacies of how you and your team use technology to move your business forward. So when something isn't working like it should, we're already familiar with your systems and processes so we can go straight to resolving the issue.

Protecting businesses in Amarillo

Cybersecurity is one of those things that seems like a good word to know, but is difficult to understand exactly what it entails. Does it mean using a VPN to encrypt data in transit? What are the physical, on-site implications of keeping our business data secure? Do I need to change my passwords frequently? Can we set it and forget it? Should we pay for training?

The truth is that cybersecurity needs and practices vary from business to business. Different industries, licensing boards, and insurance policies can all have their own data security regulations and requirements to follow. Our comprehensive cybersecurity services identify exactly what measures are needed for your business to meet IT compliance requirements and protect your businesses and your customers.

You need IT that just works.

Join other businesses in Amarillo streamlining their technology and protecting their businesses with managed IT and cybersecurity services.
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Great Job!

Ron Leach

Knighten Industries
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The technician was persistent and stayed with it until the issue was resolved.

Shane Mathis

Knighten Industries
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Thoroughly helped me solve my VPN/DNS issues for remote access.

David Gonzalez

Knighten Industries
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My issue was resolved in less than 5 minutes! The staff at wellteck is beyond amazing! These people know what they're doing! I have never been disappointed or upset with their work. They always go above and beyond!

Priscila Rascon

Knighten Industries
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Professional and prompt as always.

Wendi Baugh

Knighten Industries
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Good, efficient work fixing my problem

Dennis Bellow

Knighten Industries
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