About Wellteck IT

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

When you sign in to your online accounts – a process we call “authentication” – you’re proving to the service that you are who you say you are. Traditionally that’s been done with a username and a password. Unfortunately, that’s not a very good way to do it. Usernames are often easy to discover; sometimes, they’re your email address. Since passwords can be hard to remember, people tend to pick simple ones or use the same password at many different sites. That’s why almost all online services – banks, social media, shopping, and yes, have added a way for your accounts to be more secure. You may hear it called “Two-Step Verification” or “Multi-factor Authentication,” but the good ones all operate off the same principle. When you sign into the account for the first time on a new device or application (like a web browser), you need more than just the username and password. It would help if you had a second thing – what we call a second “factor” – to prove who you are.

What is a VPN, and why is it important?

A VPN is an acronym standing for Virtual Private Network. This essentially means you can connect to someone else’s network and access their resources. Also, VPNs are used to hide your specific location and IP address for safe and anonymous browsing online.

Why do I need antivirus software?

Because your computer is attached to a network that the whole of the world is connected with. Any antivirus software protects you and your information from people who have malicious intent. Today’s criminal isn’t too excited about wiping out all your data but more excited about how to hold it for ransom and then to get a LOT of money in return.

How do I know an email is spam vs. legit?

A great sure-fire way to make sure an email is legit is to expose the email address the email came from; many times in the software you’re using like Outlook or Gmail, it will show a name like “John Smith,” but in reality, the email could be 89376548fhy77@gmail.com. This is an excellent example of paying attention to the small details and understanding who you are about to send your information!

WellTeck’s Managed Services Agreement Offering includes end-user training of knowing how and what to look for when it comes to malicious email.

What is Phishing?

As like the explanation above, Phishing is a scam by which an Internet user is duped (as by a deceptive email message) into revealing personal or confidential information, which the scammer can use illicitly.

How can I exit my agreement after signing?

After signing your Managed Services Agreement with WellTeck, you receive a 60 Day no questions asked Time Frame where you can exit the contract penalty-free.

Why do I need a managed services agreement?

The MSA or Managed Services Agreement is WellTecks standard agreement to partner. It protects your company in today’s technology environment, and this also allows WellTeck to align itself so that we are your IT department right down the hall.

Can I pay my invoice online?

Yes, you can by visiting our online payment portal. Here you can pay your monthly invoices, your prepaid project invoices, and view all other financial statements. The address is: https://wellteck.connectboosterportal.com.

What is the difference between Break Fix and Managed IT services with WellTeck?

Break-Fix is the traditional IT approach; if it’s broken…then let’s fix it. Right? For some customers and companies, this is the approach that is taken. This approach, in our view, is backward, most of the time, expectations are not aligned, and the break-fix company is not familiar enough with yours and your processes and environment. This leaves you, the customer, feeling Jaded and frustrated by the end result when more could have been done or done differently or more efficiently. It’s also backward because when you get paid based on hold, long something takes to get fixed, don’t you think it would be in the vendor’s best interest to go as slow or inefficiently as possible to make more money? Why not flip that thought on its head? Only pay a set amount of money for support for your infrastructure, and it’s on the IT company to make sure it runs 100%, and if it is not, they do not get paid additionally to fix it.

Why in the world would you not attend to the items consistently that allow you to do business and, above all, MAKE MONEY? If you’re a truck driver, you depend on your truck to haul things and get paid for these jobs, so what happens if you decide one day. Nope, I’m not going to rotate tires, change oil or any other preventative maintenance. Your truck will be broken down in a matter of months, and those bananas you are hauling are as good as much! We believe in doing anything and everything to make you successful concerning the technology you depend on to run your company! Proactive Meeting, Quarterly, Biannually and or Annually, replacing the hardware on a consistent timetable, verifying and installing all patches from the software vendors and making sure everything is FAST!

What geographic area do you support/cover?

Our home office is based out of Midland, Texas, and we cover the surrounding area. If your business falls outside of the surrounding area Good news! We can still cover you, and we are doing about 85-90% of all our work today in a remote capacity. If there is an onsite emergency, we work with a network of trusted peers to ensure we take care of you in such a way as that we are right down the hall. Also, based on our policies and procedures, we have had only 2 Emergency type incident tickets within the last 24 months, So this approach is best for both parties!

What is our/your response time?

Our typical initial response time is anywhere from 1-15 min.

From a small company of 15 endpoints to our largest of 175 endpoints, this average is actual; also, across these two companies, the Res Plan(Resolution planning) time is anywhere from 1-30 min and our resolution time for resolving incidents or problems are 1 hour or less.

How much does it cost to get an assessment?

Call us today at our office (432) 242-3246 and we can get a time for an onsite discovery and initial meeting for no cost.